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We are a One-stop shop for Dehumidifiers in Dubai. We are a local dehumidifier supplier with a wide range of products that suits your domestic and industrial needs. Contact us for more details.

About us

Dehumidifiers are air conditioning devices that reduce and maintain favorable levels of humidity. These devices help eliminate musty odor and prevents growth of mildew by extracting water from the air and have their applications in the areas of household, commercial and industrial applications.

With such Climatic changes, the need for dehumidifiers have increased. Having identified the need for these devices, Novita has emerged as one of the Dehumidifier suppliers in Dubai as a part of business expansion. We have a variety of heavy duty and high-performance industrial grade dehumidifiers as a solution for most complex humidity control needs across diversified industries like automobiles, hospitality, power, chemicals and many more.
Novita has a wide range of Home Dehumidifiers, Industrial Dehumidifiers and Ceiling Dehumidifiers. All you need to do is to raise a requirement for Dehumidifiers and we are there, ready to deliver it. Reach out to our expert team for more details.


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